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水曜日, 4月 27, 2011


What kind of fucking retards ask third party to do their own farewell scrapbook?

Am fuming mad right now.

火曜日, 9月 21, 2010

Ramblings #5

There is a boy, whom I instantly like from the first time I met him.
His mischievous smile and that very pat on my shoulder gives me thrill even till now.

Time passes by, he transformed from a nobody to a somebody.
I started to feel the gap between us.
We still talk but there's something different from the boy I first knew.
However I, still felt the same way towards him. Nothing more, nothing less.

Even though his existence in my life is very insignificant, I can't imagine life without him.

I miss you. Seriously, I do.

土曜日, 7月 10, 2010

Ramblings #4

Even if you want me to change the copy for another gazillion times, your rice cooker will always be three steps behind from Zojirushi or Tiger.

And even if I have a very strong copy for your rice cooker, customers are going to find out that the ads are lying, eventually.

And also even if you offer free spice for the healthy variety your appliance makes, seriously, nobody effing cares.

Please be aware of that and move the eff aside.

Thank you very much.

水曜日, 7月 07, 2010

Ramblings #3

I love how fat women hypnotize self with delusional lies like:

' I am curvy.'


' I am on the healthier side.'

You are not curvy when you are wearing a size 16 and only 5'2 and you are definitely not on the healthy side. You are in fact, sorry to say, obese and so not healthy. I have been there and is thankful to be slapped awake by the mother and be brought back to reality.

The deadline for the pain in the ass job has been brought forward, I am done with it, and is glad that is temporarily over. Cat just came prancing to my table in a sarcastic glee telling me that the job is on hold due to the budget.

How nice of you. Watch out for karma, you assholes.

Am now waiting for printing of final art for some booklet job. Overtime today probably indicates having the Laksa that I missed for lunch for dinner - on overtime claim. I will further celebrate that with a dessert.

Food aside, back to work.

I am pretty captivated by the rather intriguing evil grin of the Art Director. This has been bothering me for a while and there's a strong need to blog about it.

Till I have more words to compose, ciao.

Ramblings #2

Wanted Asam Laksa for lunch, but it is raining. Oh well. Economy rice is not as bad anyway.

I think I should start bringing lunchboxes to work. Although it might be a bit of a hassle, and I might risk the chances of being secluded by my workmates; I think I need the extra lunch money for better causes and that alone time to laugh to myself. Maybe I should pack Adam into my lunch bag too.

I am still breaking my head to think for an alternative headline but I am having trouble writing right now. The situation is like you are a man and is demanded by a sexually insatiable bitch for another round of earth shattering sex after orgasming three times without resting.

Thus, lacking of words to complete this post.

So till then, bye bye.

火曜日, 7月 06, 2010

More ramblings from now on.

Oh hey, I am back blogging. Yes. Me Is Back. Because of several reasons.

1. Very bored while thinking for the correct words for a headline.

2. I have too many things on mind to ramble about and it feels like brain constipation without virtually penning it down.

3. I am too lazy to make up stories for the Dingelababy blog, which was initially part of my money-making plan.

4. I simply want you to know what I am thinking.

For a recap, and new readers out there, I just came back from US after half a decade. If you ask me if I am used to Malaysia by now, the answer will be an awkward yes. The truth is that I miss the spinning classes/ yogurt/ not very healthy a.k.a fattening food/ SHOPPING over there, and all these stated above was a big part of the past half decade of my life.

I am now a copywriter for an ad firm. I used to think highly of and have so much passion in that I will go to the end of the world and back a gazillion times for this job, but no I don't like my job anymore as I found that in reality most clients are assholes. I love my colleagues though, they are really nice people. Thus, I am seeking ways to get out of this industry as soon as I establish my own business. I am not so secretly starting an online business and the site will be up real soon.

I have a bunch of toys/imaginary friends which I love dearly and talk to regularly due to lack of real life socializing. My best friend is Adam the monkey. And I will stop here because you probably is thinking right now that this girl is crazy.

Okay I think that's about what I've been up to recently. * Prays hard that bossman doesn't stumble upon this blog EVER.

So I had a hardcore craving for sushi this afternoon and I gave Sakae Sushi another try. I had really bad experience with the branch in KLCC, but after some convincing by a colleague, I thought why not? Happily, I prance into the restaurant, sat myself down comfortably and started picking sushi off the conveyor belt. I can't remember what I ate even though it was just hours ago, all that I can recall is that the first bite was terrible.

I told myself: Maybe this is cheap so it's crap, try a more expensive one.

Second dish. Still crap.

I repeated to myself the line that I said during the first dish, and tried another one.

Halfway through my third dish. I gave up. And decided never ever ever set foot ever in any branch of this chain EVER AGAIN.

It's either Sakae sushi's food is really bad, or I am under Sushi Zanmai's spell.

RM 20 wasted JUST LIKE THAT. I would be better off eating economy rice from the corner kopitiam nearby the office.

And I hate you Pfizer. ( totally random, but I have to voice this.)

End of today's rambling. Sekian terima kasih.

金曜日, 1月 25, 2008

RIP Heath.

I have a strong feeling that I am so going to miss him.

火曜日, 11月 06, 2007

How to write a book.

I downloaded this book making software and only found that it is not an easy task to make a book altogether.

First I gotta have an idea what I want to write.
And that inspiration usually comes with good, interesting pictures.
And by taking good , interesting pictures, I gotta have a neat camera.
To have a neat camera, I gotta have money.
And to have money, I gotta stay in the States.
And to stay here, I gotta get a job that sponsor me a visa.
And to get the job that sponsor me a visa, I gotta impress someone who thinks I can.

And all that, altogether, is an interesting story to read, I guess.

金曜日, 10月 05, 2007

I've got like 10,800 things to do before christmas.

I am still kinda slacking though.

To Do List:

Prepare and take GRE Test / TOEFL Test.
Think of a couple of someones to write me recommendation letters.
Get transcripts.
Check all those on check list.
Write dad a proposal on my grad education.
Ask dad for some extra cash. ( Gold cards are solely for showing off purposes )
Get dad to fill up affidavit of support and photocopies of his bank statements.
250 -500 words essay for grad school application
Ideas for my intern application.
Polish up my resume.
Updating my dogfood campaign.
Get both my brother and cousin sis a bday present/card.
SMS tribers to wish him a happy birthday.
Read some books to upgrade myself while waiting for the GRE reference book to arrive.
Apply for schools after dad settles the bank part and me with my tests and paperwork part.
Buy sweet tea from Mcd in order to get the stickers to play online Monopoly. (who knows i might win a million, and be my own boss after that.)
Watch Pushing Daisies, American Next Top Model, and some other crap TV that make me happy.
Start doing my prayers like EVERYDAY. ( Long dued, maybe that's why I am still jobless. )
DIET again.
Save up a bit and get mom a neat purse for her bday this year.

Okay. I am going to nap for a while and start my life as a broke, jobless, grad school applying bum after that.

木曜日, 9月 06, 2007

Tell me, what can be hotter?

One main reason to watch Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse:Deathproof, is this:

金曜日, 8月 31, 2007

Happy 831, Malaysia.

When people back in malaysia are already wrapping up the celebration, here I am, at the very other side of the world, wishing you: 'Happy Merdeka, my dear country.'

I hope it was a good one. Looking forward for another 50 fun filled years with you.

I thank you and I love you.

土曜日, 8月 25, 2007

One Summer Night

This is one of those nights that I start worrying and whining about why I am not even offered a clerical job and frown over my bank account wishing that I have a couple more zeroes to the digit of my total amount.

The most possible reason to this outcome is that I spent a little money on something that I like, not I need this morning

土曜日, 7月 28, 2007

Tea like a lady

Earl grey tea and Cucumber sandwiches in a rainy afternoon....Aah, the life..

木曜日, 7月 26, 2007

O Tell Me The Truth About Love

I came across a verse of this poem on the billboard (in green writings) when I was in the subway one day during my trip in NYC. I thought it was very interesting, and would like to share it with you.

Some say that love's a little boy,

And some say it's a bird,
Some say it makes the world go round,
And some say that's absurd,
And when I asked the man next-door,
Who looked as if he knew,
His wife got very cross indeed,
And said it wouldn't do.

Does it look like a pair of pajamas,
Or the ham in a temperance hotel?
Does it's odour remind one of llamas,
Or has it a comforting smell?
Is it prickly to touch as a hedge is,
Or soft as eiderdown fluff?
Is it sharp or quite smooth at the edges?
O tell me the truth about love.

Our history books refer to it
In cryptic little notes,
It's quite a common topic on
The Transatlantic boats;
I've found the subject mentioned in
Accounts of suicides,
And even seen it scribbled on
The backs of railway-guides.

Does it howl like a hungry Alsatian,
Or boom like a military band?
Could one give a first-rate imitation
On a saw or a Steinway Grand?
Is its singing at parties a riot?
Does it only like Classical stuff?
Will it stop when one wants to be quiet?
O tell me the truth about love.

I looked inside the summer-house;
it wasn't ever there:
I tried the Thames at Maidenhead,
And Brighton's bracing air.
I don't know what the blackbird sang,
Or what the tulip said;
But it wasn't in the chicken-run,
Or underneath the bed.

Can it pull extraordinary faces?
Is it usually sick on a swing?
Does it spend all it's time at the races,
Or fiddling with pieces of string?
Has it views of it's own about money?
Does it think Patriotism enough?
Are its stories vulgar but funny?
O tell me the truth about love.

When it comes, will it come without warning
Just as I'm picking my nose?
Will it knock on my door in the morning,
Or tread in the bus on my shoes?
Will it come like a change in the weather?
Will its greeting be courteous or rough?
Will it alter my life altogether?
O tell me the truth about love.

W.H. Auden

火曜日, 7月 24, 2007

A little bit of everything.

I went to New York. To get my Anya Hindmarch bags.
Camped the whole night, and it was a great experience.
And I wouldn't want to share any of my bags with anyone. ><

A long night's wait.

And I went to museums and exhibitions which most of them prohibited cameras (which are mostly the most interesting ones). Too bad. So the only thing I have here are dinosaur fossils and real live frogs.

three little froggies playing hide and seek.
the mighty T-Rex.

Other than all these fun, we went to FAO toy store, which I found the Harry Potter's sorting hat, which told me I don't belong in Hogwarts.

"Too muggly for Hogwarts!"

I had interesting food during this trip to NY. I had Takoyaki (sotong balls) and some other yaki which is an egg pancake with cabbage and squid and carrots. Then I had cream puffs. And a Taro basket (fat put). And also a cupful of rich cold chocolate. Others were the usual favourites dim sum and bubble milk tea and a little wee bit of lobster. ^^

It was a good trip considering its a budgeted trip. Check album out for more pictures.

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